Credit Union 101

Illinois’s credit unions are dedicated to making sure that people have a stable financial footing to weather life’s emergencies.

With a not-for-profit member-owned structure, we work hard to find solutions that meet our members where they are. After all, we serve them, not Wall Street investors. For over a century, Illinois's credit unions have made a difference in underserved communities across the state by providing critical financial services to people banks overlook. Nearly 50% of credit unions have a specific focus on serving low-income communities—providing affordable interest loans, higher savings yields, and lower fees.


  • Surprise medical billing support
  • Stopgap funding when facing a job loss
  • Relief funds after a hurricane, fire, or tornado
  • Personalized debt consolidation support
  • Adoption and fertility treatment loans
  • Low-hurdle loans to help survivors of domestic violence make a fresh start
  • Emergency auto repair
  • Small business loans and much more

Key Credit Union Statistics

1 Million
120 Million
$13 Billion
$223 Billion

Explore how credit unions are benefiting Rural Areas, Small Businesses, and Underserved Communities.

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